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8 000 EUR Ref.№: D0504  
House 100 sq.m 2 bedrooms
19 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 870 sq.m  
Description: This is a partly renovated and furnished house situated in a lively village only 19 km east of the old Bulgarian capital Veliko Tarnovo. The property is loca ... Details
50 000 EUR Ref.№: E0118  
House 100 sq.m 2 bedrooms
23 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 700 sq.m  
Description: The bungalow was designed and constructed between 2007-2008 to high standard and in accordance with the latest Bulgarian planning specification.It is of conc ... Details
69 000 EUR Ref.№: R0805  
House 120 sq.m 3 bedrooms
30 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 1 080 sq.m  
Description: A fantastic fully renovated house with extensive living area covering 120 sq.m., featuring great advantages like solar panels, central heating, а swimming po ... Details
27 000 EUR Ref.№: P1508  
House 110 sq.m 2 bedrooms
25 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 2 200 sq.m  
Description: A renovated two-storey house, completed in traditional, Bulgarian style with a solid stone foundation, wooden beams and bricks. The two floors are connected ... Details
39 000 EUR Ref.№: G0809  
House 230 sq.m 3 bedrooms
15 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 3 686 sq.m  
Description: A traditional fully renovated house set in a small and attractive mountain village with beautiful views. The house offers versatile and convenient layout of ... Details
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13 500 EUR Ref.№: G0928  
House 210 sq.m 4 bedrooms
32 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 3 940 sq.m  
Description: Two houses located in a well-developed village north-west of Veliko Tartnovo.House 1: This is the endmost property in beautiful and quiet village. It is a pa ... Details
12 000 EUR Ref.№: P0522  
House 50 sq.m 1 bedroom
10 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 1 020 sq.m  
Description: This a small and cosy house on one level located in an attractive village, west of Veliko Tarnovo. The built area of 50 sq.m. is distributed between a kitche ... Details
88 000 EUR Ref.№: VT2075  
House 160 sq.m 3 bedrooms
V.Tarnovo-city, Inner center Plot size: 300 sq.m  
Description: We offer a fully renovated house with excellent location on a quiet street but at the same time in the top center of Veliko Tarnovo. The total built area of ... Details
51 500 EUR Ref.№: B3501  
House 220 sq.m 7 bedrooms
35 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 1 500 sq.m  
Description: We offer a fantastic functioning guest house located in a small tranquil village, just 8 km from the town of Elena. It is an old traditional house with stone ... Details
68 000 EUR Ref.№: T0801  
House 202 sq.m 3 bedrooms
40 km to V. Tarnovo Plot size: 750 sq.m  
Description: This marvelous authentic new-built house is located in an area with developed rural tourism, in a small idyllic village in Elena mountains. The generous buil ... Details