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Property purchase: 3% on the property price, but minimum of 500 EUR
Renting: half monthly rent from tenant / landlord
Property viewings: free property viewings for all properties, offered by VT Bulgaria
Airport pick up: 90 EUR
Company registration: 300 EUR (for EU citizens - not needed to purchase property)
Solicitor’s fees: 100 EUR including check on title deeds, drawing preliminary contract and notary deed.
Change of electricity/water bills: 50 EUR
Annual accountancy: 100 EUR including all fees for publishing; 73 EUR excluding fees for publishing
Insurance: free consultation and offers, prices depend on the tariff of Bustrad Vienna Insurance Group
Residency: 50 EUR per person
Expert valuations: from 75 EUR for an apartment; from 130 EUR for a house
Aftersales: on individual agreement
Translation: 5 EUR per page (not applied on above services)
Interpreteting: 10 EUR per hour (not applied on above services)
Advice on legal and accountancy matters: FREE for clients of VT Bulgaria Ltd.
160 000 EUR
- 11%
78 000 EUR
- 22%
59 000 EUR
- 10%
22 000 EUR
- 32%